Gas Relief Response System 194

Emergency Automation System 115

Flight Information Response System 199

Telephone answering system 118

Flight control tower communication system

Wireless PTT Microphone


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Response system and call center

Partoudadeh Company’s call and response center systems have been designed and implemented with the required features of sensitive centers and high capacity such as 115, 194, 118, 125, 199

Flight control tower communication system

Flight control tower communication system based on modern technology (VoIP, RoIP) is a reliable and suitable tool for use in message centers, airport control tower

Grandstream exams

VOIP international training courses and tests from Grandstream company for call center, network, access control and video conferencing

Expertise and skills

Partodadeh experts are a committed group with years of experience in the IT industry

Superior technology

Partoudadeh Company is a leader in designing and implementing products with superior technology and in accordance with the needs of various industries

Experience and credibility

Partoudadeh Company has more than two decades of experience in designing and implementing intelligent computer systems in the IT industry.

?Why Partodadeh Company

With two decades of experience in the IT industry and ICT, Partoudadeh Company is a suitable and reliable business partner to meet the needs of users. Our partners, customers and users of Partoudadeh Company help in developing, expanding and solving problems by using superior technology.