Partodadeh Company

Partodadeh is a Knowledge base Company was started its official activity in 1996 after obtaining a license from the Supreme Informatics Council of the country.
The policy of the managers of this company has always been based on innovation and acquisition of new products, and in this regard, it has succeeded in introducing and presenting modern products in accordance with the latest technology in the world, examples of which can be seen among the products.
Partodadeh products are based on the latest technology in the world to meet the communication needs of customers and based on customer orders. Partodadeh is proud to have always succeeded in satisfying customers in this way, and this success is undoubtedly due to the hard work and belief of the company’s experts in achieving the highest quality and standards.
Our partners in Partodadeh in the fields of administration and finance, research and development, trade, sales, production and quality control try to get the product desired by customers with the best quality and compliance with the highest scientific and industrial standards, and the after-sales service group always Your friend and helper will be in the operation of the products.

If you are interested in knowing more az to how partodadeh can help you better manage and utilise your needs,wewould be delighted to discuss this whit you.